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This year in T.A.D., we interviewed veterans and created historical documentaries about their experiences in the military.
external image VETERANS%2520DAY%2520CLIP%2520ART%2520FOR%2520WEB%2520SITE%2520-%2520REDUCED%2520RES.jpgexternal image b17.jpgexternal image WWII_united_poster.jpgexternal image british-raf-wwii.jpgexternal image 555754_f260.jpgexternal image video-camera-clipart.jpg

We studied law and participated in mock trials.

external image law.jpgexternal image law-school.jpgexternal image mocktrial08.jpgexternal image 00001849.jpgexternal image mms-ceramic-gingerbread-house.jpg

We are exploring different kinds of engineers and learning about the types of projects they tackle.

Some structural engineers design bridges.
external image cd011_memorial_bridge1.jpgexternal image golden-gate-bridge-picture1.jpgexternal image donghai_bridge.jpgexternal image 17_36_16---The-Forth-Rail-Bridge_web.jpgexternal image cable_stayed_bridge.jpg
Can you identify the suspension bridge, arch bridge, cantilever bridge, cable-stayed bridge and the beam bridge?

Environmental engineers work on the challenges that affect our natural resources. Polluted water is one of those challenges!
external image tappic.jpgexternal image 4203%2520Children%2520-%2520General%2520Kenya%2520Boy%2520carrying%2520water%2520in%2520Soweto%2520Nairobi.jpgexternal image 2350428728_c79a0a3fba_o.jpgexternal image Polluted_water_entering.JPGexternal image img_ss_uganda1.jpgexternal image LIFESAVER-bottle.jpg

Biomedical engineers find solutions to the challenges that come with failing body parts.
external image C-Leg_Descent.jpgexternal image prosthetics_01_550x360.jpgexternal image Brendan%20Marrocco%20Walter%20Reed.jpgexternal image horse_01.jpgexternal image 8e661f3645518fb93d5e760c871a.jpeg

Aeronautical engineers design airplanes for a variety of purposes.
external image FourForces.bmp
external image classic-airplanes-1.jpgexternal image PlaneParts.gif
external image x1sm_2.jpg